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Theresa Faulkner

Theresa Faulkner grew up in Hollywood Florida and moved to Sedona in 2002. Her love for art began in kindergarten when she fingerpainted for the first time and has continued to create ever since. 

Although she works in many different mediums, she fell deeply in love with wood burning and the creative possibilities working with wood permits. Adding watercolor and other materials allows the wood grain to remain visible and enhances the natural beauty of the original wood piece.

She has developed a charming illustrative style and applies her unique blend of pyrography and watercolor to a wide range of custom work. From hand-painted bowls, bracelets and wall hangings, her work is all created in her home studio in Sedona. Her creative process is fluid and spontaneous. She’s always working on multiple projects at once so she can go where inspiration leads her, and it truly leads to her to some magical places! There is a balanced sweetness to her work that is enchanting, and needs to appreciated in person.