5" Goddess Figurine

5" Goddess Figurine


Handmade porcelain goddess figurine by Maid of Earth Studio. This little beauty is 5" x 4" with a 3" wide rose bowl base. She has a sage green glaze and smoke fire accents. 


    All Maid of Earth ceramic creations are original and unique. 

    The essence of the Goddess is in all of us. The ritual and remembrance of the Goddess brings a blessing into your life. Place her in a plant, tree or sacred herbs. Give her an offering of flower blossoms, a gem, grain, or a poem. These offerings are clear intentional blessings through the Goddess and she will be with you throughout your day. Your awareness of her presence will guide your actions in healing and healthy ways.

    This sculpture is a hand sculpted stonware plant sculpture. She has gone through many transformations from manipulated clay to a fired piece of sacred art. To give her unique glazed texture, a few drops of sage oil and vinegar are mixed in the glaze and Fire to maturity.

    Blessings, Elizabeth


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