My current rate is $150/hr for tattoo services and I have a two hour minimum per session/project. 


In addition, there is $100-200/hr design deposit required. The design deposit is non-refundable and is required to hold your date and begin design work. I will submit a draft version of your design concept, so you will have an opportunity to participate in the design process as much as you'd like. I ask a lot of questions and encourage you to share ideas and reference materials. I appreciate your feedback and the deposit covers one revision. Keep in mind, I am an artist first, I spend a lot of time making sure your tattoo is drawn beautifully and thoughtfully designed. IF you decide to drastically change the concept, size, layout or major elements of the piece after the first revision, an additional design fee may be necessary.


If you're curious you can read more about the Custom Design Process.


Deposits expire after 6 months, so make sure you schedule a session me with at the time of your deposit. 


Tattoo hourly rates apply to your entire appointment, not just time the machine is running. Billed tattoo time includes all time dedicated to you, from the set start time of your appointment (even if you are late) to the time you are securely wrapped and ready to leave.


I can offer you an estimate of how long each project with take, but please keep in mind that estimates are a best guess. IF you are on a specific budget, I ask that you communicate this with me in advance so that I can plan ahead. Project times vary depending on artwork detail, skin condition and type, how well you sit, etc. I ask clients to understand that this is not a perfect science, it's an ART. 


Payment in full is due the day of your session.