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Updated: Nov 30, 2021

My current rate is $120/hr for tattoo services. An additional $100-200/hr fee applies to design time. Each project is unique and the amount of energy required varies. Tattoo rates apply to your entire appointment, not just time the machine is running. Billed tattoo time includes all time dedicated to you, from the set start time of your appointment (even if you are late) to the time you are securely wrapped and ready to leave.

I can offer you an estimate of how long each project with take, but please keep in mind that estimates are a best guess. Project times vary depending on artwork detail, skin condition and type, how well you sit, etc. and I ask clients to understand that this is not a perfect science, it's an ART. Please reserve plenty of time around your appointment booking in case we need extra time. If your design is complex or for larger full color pieces, it is ideal to book multiple sessions.

The design deposit is non-refundable, and is required to hold your date and begin design work. Deposits expire after 6 months. I will present a final bill at the end of each project which is due on receipt.

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Show up ON TIME. I will not work on you if you are more than 15 minutes late. I’m happy to move/reschedule your appointment with 72 hours notice or more. Show up healthy, showered, hydrated, and fed.