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Custom Tattoo Designing Process

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

  1. Consultation/Briefing - Discuss your tattoo in person or via phone, email, or social media messages. Gather information about placement, imagery, and design.

  2. Research - Source inspiration and reference material.

  3. Compose - I will create a draft design and present to Client.

  4. Review - Exchange ideas, receive Client feedback.

  5. Revise - Includes one* revision of your design. *Additional revisions are subject to my hourly rate.

  6. Finalize - Create a final digital rendering of your design that will be used as your stencil.

  7. Approve - Receive Client approval on finished design. I aim to have artwork ready the week before your appointment date when possible.

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Show up ON TIME. I will not work on you if you are more than 15 minutes late. I’m happy to move/reschedule your appointment with 72 hours notice or more. Show up healthy, showered, hydrated, and fed.

My current rate is $120/hr for tattoo services. An additional $100-200/hr fee applies to design time. Each project is unique and the amount of energy required varies. Tattoo rates apply to your entire