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Nancy White

Before becoming a real estate broker, Nancy White began her career in art, obtaining a degree in Graphic Design. For most of her adult life she was a graphic designer, web designer and instructor. 


Miss White’s journey with glass started when she was gifted a torch and glass rods in 2007. After learning how to make glass beads, she moved on to blow glass tubing into chandelier components. Her education continued to include glass blowing, marble making and glass flowers, through various schools in Arizona.


In 2016, her heart began to fail. She learned she needed her reality to focus on living in the moment, and making every moment count. Now her days are filled with learning new things that make her happy. The major thing that makes her happy today is to create artwork.


Since she already had the Graphic Design background, Miss White became more involved with computer graphic arts, to make artistic pieces using Photoshop. Later, she taught herself how to create lamp work, glass beads and jewelry. Eventually she wanted more of a challenge so she enrolled in a workshop in Las Vegas, where she learned how to make blown glass chandeliers with her table top torch.


According to Miss White, “Since Arizona is very warm in the summer I switch to painting during the summers. I’ve been having great success making artwork with brightly colored alcohol ink. I’ve also been experimenting with acrylic painting. Another medium I love is creating paintings with liquid resin. 


In the past I’ve also enjoyed fiber arts. This is all of the fiber arts, including weaving spinning, dying wool, and felt-making.”


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