Male Model Sketch


The Muse Gallery offers opportunities for Life Drawing to the community, and is always looking for new, different, and fresh looks in our models.

"Being a life model is a lot of work and indeed requires a few essential skills that not everyone possesses.

Most of us have become experts in covering ourselves up as we try on clothes in changing rooms, or as we change into our clean clothes in the gym locker room. We are just not accustomed to baring all to strangers.

It’s funny to think, however, that we don’t bat an eyelid when we see models and celebrities wearing next to nothing in magazines and on our Instagram feeds, so why are we so much more prudish when it comes to our own bodies?

It all comes down to how we perceive beauty in the 21st century, yet if we could only look at ourselves like artists do – as a work of art – then we’d soon realize that every human form is amazing thanks to its diversity and the astonishing things it does just to keep us alive and breathing.

So, you either need to be confident in your own skin or realize that your body is simply an object to those drawing you: a representation of life itself.

Either way, if you think that you can strip in front of an art class and hold poses for half an hour time, or gesture repeatedly in your birthday suit, then maybe you were born to be a figure drawing model."


The Muse Gallery splits all proceeds with our models. We provide the space and advertising to our outlets, and also encourage our models to advertise their appearances.

Classes are limited to 8 artists.

All perfection lies in the imperfect.