Don’t miss your chance to see the stunning work of featured Sedona Artist, Malou Leontsinis. Ms. Leontsinis was born and raised in Luxembourg, and has spent much of her adult life in America. She began her formal training at the age of fourteen at the Lycée Technique des Arts et Métiers School of Art in Luxembourg. She has had the good fortune to find success in her career in both painting and graphic design.


Her life and work have pulled her all over the world, she has a deep and abiding love for the American Southwest. She has found a permanent home in Sedona, from whose sparing, majestic beauty, Malou now draws her breath and inspiration.


Although deeply connected to her desert home, Malou did not leave all of Luxembourg behind. In her home, you will find the elegantly handcrafted wardrobe made by her grandfather that Malou brought with her to Sedona. She will happily tell you of the amazement she felt as a child when her grandfather would make a photograph disappear, and the trepidation she felt wondering about “The Nowhere” it went to before its magical return. When she opens the heavy wooden doors of this wardrobe, you will see her early sketches, photographs, and studies of the work she created in another life. Her world, and her very self, are filled with art.


As anyone living in different cultures knows, after a time the incidentals of one’s cultural identity fall away, revealing the hidden treasures and mysterious foreignness located somewhere inside of the self. This is a concept Ms. Leontsinis ponders in her continuing explorations of her human and animal subjects.


The natural world is a crystal clear inspiration, even in her earliest work, one can find loving studies of animals, people and beautiful creatures. Her work glows with an adoring fascination with the often overlooked beauty of simple things and her breathtaking renderings of animals have provided her with distinguished recognition.  

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