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Mahara K. Daniel

“Art is in my blood! I was drawing the ‘flower of life’ all over my geometry books and copying Michelangelo’s drawings at eight years old. I believe that the primary purpose of art is to uplift, delight and inspire.”


Mahara is both a digital and clay/mixed media artist. She grew up in England and went to Byam Shaw classical art school in London for a year when she had to leave due to illness. As a result, she pursued natural medicine, became an acupuncturist and has spent the last 30 years in holistic health. 


She is now returning to her primary passion of art and communing with beauty. 


The ‘Star Beings’ and spirit animals have taken her on a delightful and surprising creative journey. As each one is ‘born’ into physical reality, she is as astonished and curious as anyone to receive what message they might be communicating.


She has made northern New Mexico her home since 1982 and enjoys life on a magical rural property not far from Santa Fe, which she shares with her husband, three horses and two cats.