Loretta Meyer-Furrey

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Loretta Meyer-Furrey was the featured artist for the month of June. On an ongoing basis, she will be offering wine glass painting classes  as well as displaying a selection of her own work and her painted wine barrel The Evolution of the Verde Valley.  


The first barrel she painted was commissioned by the Cottonwood Chamber of Commerce for the fundraiser ‘Painted Barrels on the Verde Valley Wine Trail.” Having found a love for it, and a niche for wine lovers, she has been painting them ever since.

Mrs. Furrey is inspired by the barrels, explaining that she has always been intrigued by wine barrels and enjoys them as a form of functional art.  “I love taking something so in the rough, after its ‘wine life,’ and turning it into yet another piece of art to be enjoyed for many more years to come.”

Originally from South Dakota, Mrs. Furrey has lived in the area for almost 20 years. She majored in Graphic Design & Watercolor at The American Academy of Art in Chicago, and worked for many years, both internationally and nationally, in advertising and graphic design.

Her diverse path in the art field also includes mural & sign painting, lettering & illustration, and watercolor painting. Currently, she markets merchandise that is printed with her original artwork, custom designs and paints wine barrels. She also teaches art classes and hosts glass painting events throughout the Verde Valley.