Kimberley Stinson

Kimberley Stinson has been drawing and painting since she was a small child. Although she has a life-long passion for art, her path into the art world was indirect. For many years her life and time were dedicated to the care of her medically fragile daughter Aurora. A task she found deeply rewarding, challenging and inspiring in equal measure.  In 2015, two days after her 12th birthday, Aurora passed away. This profound loss was deeply transformative to say the least and the process of engaging with art has been an essential aspect of her healing journey. 


After the loss of her daughter, Mrs. Stinson moved to Cottonwood with her husband and two dogs. She immediately fell in love with the beauty of her new desert home and found renewed inspiration in the discovery of Alcohol Ink. She loves the fluidity and vibrancy of the medium and has developed a unique, trademark style. Above all else though, Mrs. Stinson believes her renewed passion for painting comes directly from her beloved daughter. She feels Aurora as a constant guiding force, a sweet presence sending her love, creative energy and abundance.


Painting and creating are second nature to her and her love of the natural world has always been a guiding inspiration. Her boutique landscape tiles are vibrant and inspired by our beloved Verde Valley. She especially enjoys making her “functional art” coasters and welcomes custom orders of all kinds.