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Karon                    Leigh

Karon Leigh is an expressionist painter/printmaker inspired by the Arizona landscape. Her art incorporates a bold use of color and a raw emotion, attacking her canvases with vigorous gestural expressionism, an art grounded in personal experience, inviting viewers to experience the art, rather than define it.

Miss Leigh grew up with a full box of Crayola crayons but never satisfied, studied almost every art form she could get her hands on, including acrylic and oil painting, printmaking, encaustic, and sculpture.

She grew up in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and then split her time between the California Bay area and back home.  She eventually landed in Arizona where the wide-open spaces, monsoon skies, mountains and desert beauty inspire her work. If asked why she makes art, the definitive answer is always, “because I have to.”

Karon has been an award-winning artist since high school. She studied studio art at California College of Arts & Crafts, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, the Kirkland Art Center as well as with numerous professional artists. A ‘get a real job’ detour resulted in a degree in Computer Science and later certification in Multi-Media Website Design, and in 2017, she earned an M. S. in Integrated Marketing Communications.

She has exhibited her work in galleries and in juried exhibits throughout the West and Arizona, including at the Sedona Arts Center, Tubac Center of the Arts, the Art Intersection Gallery in Gilbert, and the Museo de Arte in Nogales, Sonora, MX.

Her exhibitions list is a couple of pages long, and reflects her prolific and talented career. In 2019 alone, the list includes: Wild & Scenic Film Festival Juried Art Exhibition – Miners Foundry, Nevada City, CA; “Beginning Anew,” Sedona Visual Artists Members Exhibit, Sedona Arts Center, Sedona, AZ; Members Juried Exhibit, Sedona Art Center, Sedona, AZ; Members Open Exhibit, Tubac Center of the Arts, Tubac, AZ; The Journey – Year Long Invitational, Russ Lyon Sothebys, Sedona, AZ.

Miss Leigh’s awards include: the 2011 Tubac Center of the Arts – Master’s Mead Award (People’s Choice), the 2010 Contemporary Artists of Southern Arizona: “Fragments” – 1st Place, and the 2008 Art Merchant International Arty Gras – 2nd Place – Mixed Media.  Proudly for The Muse Gallery in Old Town Cottonwood, her list also includes being one of their in-house member artists.

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