Joan Bourque

Joan Bourque is a lifelong educator, painter and community Muralist. She has inspired and taught of students of all levels to explore the creative process.  Either on a small canvas or directly on the side of a building made visible to your community, she teaches her students to dream big and explore their endless creative possibilities. She truly believes, “anyone can be an artist”.  


Joan is a graduate of Ohio Wesleyan University. While receiving her degree she spent a summer in Perugia, Italy at the Academy of Fine Arts and apprenticed with well-known New York City artists Close and Joe Zucker.  After graduating, she became a resident and prolific artist in NYC for 6 years. She worked as a freelanced graphic artist and quickly became a well-known painter mostly for her large canvas ultra-realist airbrush series “Silver Bowl Reflections” throughout the city.  She continued to expand her skills, moving from the urban inspired “Reflections of Metal” to create reflections of water and nature. 


What was supposed to be a short vacation in the Caribbean, turned into a lifelong passion. Overnight, She met her soon to be husband, bought the scuba diving business and lived and there for 15 years. In Saba, she found her calling as she worked as an underwater photographer, colorist, activist and marine biology educator.  


Her photo images of Saba inspired her beautifully illustrated children’s book, Dreams of Dolphins Dancing, about a young girl’s imaginative journey that teaches environmental awareness. She is an ongoing Artist for the Dutch government and still works on murals in Saba, scuba dives and facilitates education projects for the tourist.  Joan and her family currently reside in Northern Az. She continues to educate, paint and create murals privately and throughout her  community. 


Today you can commission a mural by Joan or schedule a Creative Mandala Workshop. Let Joan share her passion for art and creativity with you and yours.