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Heather Bamberg - The Jewelry Shop


Heather Bamberg grew up in Chino Valley when it was still very rural and agricultural. Her days were spent outside amongst the trees, vines, birds and animals. She had a love for art and beauty from the beginning.


Mrs. Bamberg attended The Verde Valley School in Sedona, which has a strong academic curriculum as well as a wonderful art program. She took a lot of ceramics and photography classes there, plus had a 2-week immersion class in Metalsmithing, which she immediately felt akin to.


She went to NAU on a Director’s Scholarship for Ceramics, but learned quickly that her affinity is for jewelry, after taking another metalsmithing class there. “Working with silver and other metals is so amazing because you can see every step you make in a tangible way.  The metal literally bends to your will,” stated Bamberg.


“While at NAU I learned so many techniques and styles, and loved being in that studio environment surrounded by artists and amazing resources and tools. It was very inspiring. I met my husband while living in flagstaff, I had a studio in our garage there, but when we moved back to Chino Valley, I didn’t have space to set up. Chris actually purchased me a shipping container and outfitted it entirely off the grid with solar electric, wood heat and rainwater collection.”


Each of Bamerg’s pieces is handcrafted of recycled precious metals in this off-grid studio located in the high desert forest of Northern Arizona. The clean, modern aesthetic of her work draws inspiration from the rugged beauty of this Northern Arizona landscape.  Simple lines are offset by bold textures and genuine gemstones.


As inspired as Bamberg was being around other artists, being back in a beautiful rural place with the trees, cacti, birds and animals has allowed her to create in an unfettered way, obvious through her pieces. The stone selections are extraordinary and the craftsmanship second to none.


Bamberg explains, “Each piece I make is because I think it’s beautiful, and I hope someone else will too.” And we do. 

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Heather Bamberg

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