Chandra K. Hemminger

Artist. Teacher. Wanderer.

Chandra K. Hemminger is The Muse Featured Artist for December 2019. Originally from Ohio, Ms. Hemminger is a long time resident of Northern Arizona. She received her formal education at Ohio University, but she is a passionate student of the world, traveling often and seeking out adventures in the great open spaces. Although her heart is guided by wanderlust, she has a deep and abiding love for the Southwest and her Northern Arizona home.


She has always been drawn to the tactile process of creating art. The intimacy of forming clay onto a potter’s wheel, the rhythm of wet clay drumming through fingers, and the molding of clay into form and function. The creative process is mediative and internal, but her aesthetic choices are purposeful. Because her work is mainly functional, she carefully considers her design choices. A handle just so, glazes and colors that soothe, shapes that coax you into holding them. Her work bridges the gap between beautiful art and utilitarian object. It’s meant to feel like it belongs in your hands, and it does. 


Her love of Northern Arizona is evident in her design choices as well. She is inspired by the land, the ancient culture and the art of the region. Much of her work reflects this allure, as she blends the patterns of landscape topography and respectfully borrows design elements from the historical pottery of the Southwest Native Americans.


Ms. Hemminger weaves her love of art and her enthusiasm for travel within a system of “paying it forward.”  She considers her work as an artist to be a vehicle with which she can connect with others throughout her travels. And in return, her walls, cupboards, jewelry case and heart are filled with art she has purchased along her way.