Annabel Valerie Sclippa

Bella uses art to transform her life experiences of traumatic surgeries, paralysis, abuses and heartbreak, into beauty. Her art examines the body as a rebirth center of life, incorporating flowers, or an expression of freedom from paralysis through images of mermaids, flora, or simply of things that make her happy.


Bruce Fraser

After many years living in Sedona, Arizona, Bruce stepped out from behind a video camera and into the world of stoneware clay. Bruce loves the process of creating beautiful ceramic objects and the feel of clay in his hands. His bells are a tactile, organic and ever-evolving experience, inspired by craftsman,  Wabi-sabi and mid-century design elements.


Elizabeth Gerstner

Elizabeth Gerstner, Maid of Earth Studio, features sacred Goddesses. The Goddess has been a metaphysical journey as her figurines are symbolic of “geometric motifs" that have been Pagan earth-centered culture through time. Elizabeth’s creative process is intuitive as the Goddess regenerates from clay into a sacred piece of art.


Jeremia Sunfellow

Jeremia is a self-taught artist, always learning new techniques and adding new materials into her work. She combines wood, oil, pencil, and ink to create each distinctive image. She is known for her focus on the female form, her love of anatomy and her exploration of beauty and it's complexities. 

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Joanne Agostinelli

Joanne Agostinelli takes her inspiration from nature. She is known for her work depicting the primal elements – Earth and Sky, Fire and Water. Her pastels and oils have been exhibited throughout the country from Cape Cod to California . She has done art residencies in three national
parks...Learn More.

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Malou Leontsinis

Malou has had a lifelong fascination with the human & animal subject and culminating in the liberation and integration of all that is essential in her continuing explorations of the oft overlooked in our world. Born and raised in Luxembourg, Malou has had the good fortune to find success in her career in both painting and graphic design... Learn More.


Visiting Artist - Amanda Adkins

Amanda works in stunningly colorful imagery representative of her endometriosis experience, plus grand-scale mural projects throughout Phoenix. Using words from one series, "‘Surrender’ .. letting go ... being present in the very moment you are in right now.  Surrendering to ..the universe,..and where it might take you once you stop trying to be the guide.”


Visiting Artist - Melisa Joy Pincelli

Melisa is a a single mother & watercolorist currently living in Southern California. She has been to over 25 countries; as a teacher, traveler, and student. "Painting is a meditative process, and 'fills my cup' so that I can share more of myself with those around me."


Beth Courtright-Detwiler

Beth Courtright Detwiler is a contemporary visionary whose art is symbolistic in style & content. She uses a variety of colorful mediums (oil painting, pen & ink, ceramics, and masking tape installation & panels) to convey striking narratives & iconic images. Her influences stem from ancient & modern art eras... Learn More.

Beth Painting.jpg

Candice Anderson

Mrs. Anderson grew up in Southern California drawing with pencils.  Her college studies were in Psychology and a bit of art, but she's mostly self-taught by studying the masters, focusing on lights and darks; especially shadows. She's exhibited her work in the Desert Art Center, Palm Springs, CA, and the Contemporary Art Gallery in OK. Having worked with oil, acrylic, and pastels, she's now back to her first and favorite medium: Pencil.

C Thomas Howell.JPG

Heather Bamberg

Heather Bamberg draws inspiration for her jewelry from the rugged beauty of Northern Arizona. Simple lines are offset by bold textures and genuine gemstones. Each piece of jewelry is handcrafted of recycled precious metals in a solar, off-grid studio. Metal-smithing is her passion and these beautiful jewelry pieces show the dedication to her craft.... Learn More.

heather 3.jpg

Joan Bourque

Joan is known for her variety of styles and subjects. Just as we go through phases in our lives, she explores her thoughts and environments via her paintings. Nature and mystery are her favorite. Painting community murals drives her spirit, working with kids keeps her on her toes... Learn More.


Loretta Meyer Furrey

Loretta has lived in this area for nearly 20 years.  She studied at the American Academy of Art in Chicago. Although her art career has been diverse, she currently has an emphasis on teaching classes painting on glass, canvas & watercolor work. Her special interest is designing & painting custom wine barrels... Learn More.

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Theresa Faulkner

Theresa Faulkner is a lifelong artist living in Sedona Arizona who specializes mostly in wood pyrography with watercolor and mixed media techniques. Her inspiration is drawn from nature and her personal spiritual journey, always hoping to find a common center with others who view her pieces... Learn More.

Moonlight Dance.png

Visiting Artist - Chadwick Uptain

Chadwick’s oil paintings portray human emotion in its rawest form, splayed across panel in colors of the soul. The still paint moves and seemingly jumps in its expression. Also an exceedingly talented jeweler, his passion is undeniably fierce. His greatest love before art, is his daughter Aloe, as seen here.

Chadwick Bio Pic.jpg


We can't wait to see who else's artwork will inspire us! Will you be our next Muse?