Ann Metlay

 Ann Metlay is a ceramicist and poet, deeply inspired by her home in the Verde Valley’s high Arizona desert. A special education teacher for 40 years, Ann started her artistic journey at the age of 70. From the moment her hands touched clay, she knew with certainty that she was on the right path. 


She sees each separate hunk of clay as an entity: with a story and an innate beauty. She seeks out unique ways to imbue them with their own shapes, textures and lines, to tell their story. 


As a poet, she is keenly attuned to the individual sounds of words, their consonance and their assonance, often inscribing poetry into the clay as she works. For her, the creative process is a semi-spiritual act. As she creates, she has the physical sensation of spirit moving through her, feeling the greater creative process take hold and guide her fingers.


Her art is infused with the ~Story~ and her love of the Verde Valley flora, fauna, and vibrant Arizona skies. She interprets their lines, textures, and shapes into unique, organic art. Her broader artistic inspirations include rustic Nigerian and African influences, plus Cubist, Piccasso and Abstract Expressionist flavors. 


Her work is truly unique and rapidly evolving. Her depth of creativity and expression make her an emerging artist to watch.

"Big Ear"
"Angel Roped"

To Be A Tree In The Desert

Buffeted by winds.
blasted by sands,
baked by summer's
relentless sun.

The debris from these trees,
the jagged breaks in their limbs,
the bark, thickened into a shield,
the root gnarled around a rock.

Collected and assembled,
these speak to the textures,
the lines, the shapes,
of arid existence.