Elizabeth Gerstner 

Artist: Maid of Earth Original Art

Owner: Muse Studio 735




Studio Address

735 N. Main St. 

Cottonwood AZ 86322

A Bit About Me

Elizabeth Gerstner, Maid of Earth Studio, features sacred Goddesses. The Goddess has been a metaphysical journey as her figurines are symbolic of “geometric motifs" that have been Pagan earth-centered culture through time. Elizabeth’s creative process is intuitive as the Goddess regenerates from clay into a sacred piece of art. To share her passion for all things goddess, she offers ongoing "Goddess Burn Experiences" in her studio in Old Town Cottonwood. Learn more...

As a ceramist and lover of all things heirloom, Elizabeth also specializes in up-cycled, found and heirloom assemblage. She loves to learn about the history of each found item as she assembles each unique piece. Learn more... BOOK AN EXPERIENCE.

You can read Elizabeth's FULL BIO

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