Mosaic Fower Tiles

Elizabeth Gerstner

Ms Gerstner  has had a 30-year Career as an Artist, gallery owner, educator and program director. From an early age,  both of her entrepreneurial parents encouraged and supported her passion for art.  She grew up with a kiln in the kitchen and paintbrushes in the sink.  

Ms. Gerstner’s  career has evolved from Ceramics to grant writing, developing curriculums, teaching community involvement and fundraising.  She has an ongoing dedication to community service and reaching high risk demographics through art. Many of her programs included at-risk children and families within the court systems. Her goal with this outreach was to help teach decision-making skills and encourage those in crisis to be more connected to their lives, families and community.   

Over the years, Ms. Gerstner has continued with her own art as a ceramicist and multi-medium professional Artist. She is well known for her Porcelain Goddess sculptures that have been sold all over the world.  She provides unique experience workshops out of her studio gallery, focusing on the creative process and the organic nature of clay. Her more recent works are mixed-media assemblages using the seven principles of art and heirlooms.  Many of these pieces are experimental, combining vintage, heirloom, antique and found items into one of a kind art pieces. She loves finding the personal stories behind each item, taking great joy in bringing the history of craftsmanship and human experience together through art. She also loves encouraging the viewers personal emotional response, many of whom have been astounded to see a  beloved childhood toy or a cherished china pattern lovingly featured  in Ms. Gerstner’s work.