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We are Annabel and Jeremia, two soul sisters brought together by art and disability. We have been besties for almost a decade. We met over local Arizona wine, and quickly bonded over our shared history of life changing illness, which transformed us into the artists we are and deepened our understanding of the transformative power of art. 

We created The Muse Art Gallery Collective because we passionately believe that having a supportive community is essential to the success of any artist. The Muse Art Gallery is an artist-centered space with an emphasis on encouraging artists to collaborate and build community through art. We are a membership gallery designed to support the needs of talented local artists and artisans.

We celebrate women artists and female themed work, but we are not exclusively female. We curate an elegant, exclusive, boutique space and provide a platform for artists, aspiring and established alike, to learn, collaborate, create and showcase art. We offer our members marketing support, in person feature opportunities and robust social media exposure. 


The Muse also offers workshops, art classes and art-wine based events. In connection with the Old Town Center for the Arts, The Muse aspires to be the hub for local boutique art events in the Verde Valley. 

We share the struggles and triumphs of living with long-term health issues and disabilities. We understand how deeply important it is to create, and heal, and live, through art. Art is transformative and community is essential. We are excited to share our vision, and build a marketplace that inspires and encourages artists to succeed together.  As Annabel says, "Art is the blood of our soul."

If you'd like to apply to join The Muse family of artists you can fill out an application or contact us at art@the-muse-gallery.com.